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As another engagement season approaches, and I try to think of a crafty marketing plan to reach out to potential clients, brides and grooms who need a wedding officiant / minister, or couples who want to put some intentionality into their marriage as opposed to using all their energy to plan their wedding day, I decided, after much brainstorming, to begin with Thankfulness.

I'm thankful for the clients who have invited me into their lives at such a time as this: engagement, wedding ceremony, marital conversation and applied wisdom learned from so many others who have walked down the same path, always aware of the potholes that exist while doing their best to keep walking.

This year I was invited to baptize the first born child of a wonderful couple whose wedding ceremony I performed when VOW was in it's infancy. A couple who participated in Marriage Planning during their engagement, they have continued to do the good, hard work that is marriage. When I wonder if VOW can be a growing and successful concern, I have countless couples like the one I just mentioned who had a dilemma that the market was not currently serving. They found VOW, and I suppose their baptismal invitation this year was all the affirmation I need to keep going, and growing.

Thank you, to all my clients this year, and thank you, to all who will come our way.

Thankfullness. As a marketing strategy. I like it.

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