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Married since 1989
Parent since 1994

We will be the first to tell you that while marriage is wonderful, it is also hard work.  


Many of our goals have been met, and we try a little each day to reach more.  And, there was no way for us to know back in 1989 what difficult seasons we would live through.  But, we've made it this far, and there is tremendous joy in the authenticity of our commitment.

Having spent the first five years of our marriage as a family of two, we have spent the last twenty four years wondering how in the world we became this lucky, and grew this tired.


We are still amazed children don't come with an owners manual.  While there are many different parenting styles, there is no substitute for common sense wisdom and unconditional love.  And a set bedtime.

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Your commitment is spiritual. For centuries, the custodians of wedding ceremonies and liturgies have been those in society who are charged with honoring and uplifting the spiritual and mystical components of love and trust. To confer a blessing and to invite a couple into the wonderful and longstanding tradition of matrimony is more than a performance exercise, it is a deeply seated ceremony rooted in sacred meaning and ceremonial ritual. You want a minister because your commitment is spiritual.


You want a fantastic ceremony. Can you imagine your guests telling you how much they “enjoyed” your ceremony?  Often, the variable that affects the atmosphere of the ceremony is not up to the colors of dresses or even the brilliance of the venue, but rather the atmosphere created by the custodian of your ceremony. VOW Minister Kevin M. Roberts has performed weddings for almost two decades, and his joy and non-anxious presence at the altar is evident. Kevin M. Roberts has a high view of matrimonial commitment which regularly translates into a ceremony that features smiles, laughter, poignant moments and sincere blessings. You want a Minister because you want a fantastic ceremony.


               Nashville Wedding Officiant                            Nashville Wedding Officiant                    Nashville Wedding Officiant

Why select an ordained minister to officiate your wedding?


Your wedding is a sacred event. Regardless of your faith background, whether you identify with a belief system or not, joining yourself to another person in a covenantal relationship happens on a plane higher than a mere civil ceremony. A wedding is an outward symbol of an interior commitment.  While the Marriage License is an important legal document, it does not hold dear the hearts you both carry into your future. You desire a minister because your wedding is a sacred event. 


The vows and blessings matter. Most wedding ceremonies, be they faith based or secular, are comprised of essentially the same elements and components.  Whether your wedding is planned to be a grand affair or an intimate gathering of cherished witnesses, your ceremony deserves to be articulated with confidence, grace, and professionalism. Certainly, if you only need a Notary Public or a Justice of the Peace to sign a license, that is an available option that will be easy to fulfill. But, if you want to be fully present to your partner at the altar,  you need a Minister, because experience shows at the altar.

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"Every bit of our experience with VOW was perfect. Throughout the process, it was evident that Kevin had a genuine interest in caring for and supporting us as a soon-to-be-wed couple, and that care and support still continues, even after almost a year of being married. Kevin loves love, and that love shines through all he does. As an officiant, no one compares. He's personable, engaging, appropriately humorous, and relatable, everything you want in an officiant. Many of our guests went out of their way to ask us about our officiant and share with us how much they enjoyed him. We felt so assured having Kevin guide us through our ceremony, and now, we feel fortunate to consider him a friend and champion of our marriage. Thank you, Kevin!"




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