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The marriage to my wife was beautiful, honorable, and poignant because of Kevin. He led us through pre-marital counseling with humor and love, helping us build a firm foundation for our life together. Kevin is a gift; he is straightforward and genuine and fully invests in the graceful union of a marriage, not merely a wedding.                       

                                                                                                                         -Susan Y.

Why Marriage Planning?


…marriage requires effort. No matter how “in love” you feel, there is a basic human component to your relationship: A marriage is a covenant between two individuals with separate motivations, conditions and contexts. To be successful, to learn the skills to not only navigate twists and turns, but to thrive as a couple takes the application of intentional effort.


…conflict happens. If you have made it this far, you already know this. While some think the best way to manage difficult days and seasons is to ignore them as if they will go away on their own, VOW suggests a more direct approach. Knowing how to move through conflict in a healthy and authentic manner allows for honesty and growth. requires maintenance. Business guru Pete Drucker said all successful businesses continually ask “How’s business?” To be successful, one must knowingly circle back to an attitude of introspection. “How is our marriage?” Do you have the skillset to adapt life’s circumstances into teachable moments in your marriage?


…the wedding is only one day. And your marriage is for all the days after that. Ask yourself how much time you have spent planning a one day event. Now ask yourself how much time and energy you have invested in planning and preparing your marriage. Really, it’s a notion of investment. What will get your best energy, your wedding or your marriage? Make no mistake, your wedding should be everything you want it to be. Enjoy it. But your marriage should be everything you need it to be even moreso.


 …you want this to last. If you ask ten people what they think the top reasons for divorce are, their answers would not be disparate. We have a very good idea where the potential pitfalls are to be found. But even so, about as many marriages end prematurely as do those that see the bride and groom live to a full relationship arc of love and devotion deep into the golden years.




                                                                                                              Nashville Wedding Officiant





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