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Pour two

They don’t go to Sunday School. Nor church, hardly ever.

Oh, at other times in their lives they have logged countless hours in both, I assure you. The stories and traditions and foundations of faith they are quite familiar with. They are raising good, smart, creative kids. The family business is successful.

And for the purpose of this blog, it is duly noted, they have a very healthy marriage, which probably adds to the consternation of the ones who offer copious invitations to “come to our church.” Because, something should be wrong. Right? In our culture and context, healthy marriage is often directly attributed to how often ones darken the door of a church or synagogue in any given week.

But, while I would be the first to say a good parish relationship is a good thing for anyone doing life with anyone else, it ain’t this couples secret to success. You know what is?

A glass of wine, together, every night.

I dig that.

If you watch this couple, together, you can tell they have something that goes beyond a good palette for Merlot and Chardonnay.

He says, and she echoes the same, a commitment to talk, check-in, listen and communicate every night about whatever is going on is as brilliant an intention for a happy and healthy marriage as any remedy out there. Sunday School included.

So, be it wine or coffee or chocolate milk, pour a glass together, every night. See what happens.

And, about those never ending and sometimes awkward invitations they get to “come to our church?” I wish they would accept a few. They could teach a Sunday School class a hell of a lot.

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