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The end of life as we know it. Thank God.

Julie and Elisabeth got married. Just needs to be said. Beautiful women they are, with beautiful sons. A colorful marriage already. I stood with them at the altar, and pronounced them legally. Here. In Columbia. South Carolina.

I’m a minister, ordained back in the Nineties, and suffice it to say, we have travelled a long way since then, and in the truest sense of proclaiming something as “good news,” which is part of the ancient calling of my vocation, I think this fits that category.

I am proud of my state and my country for now being a place where Julie and Elisabeth and their sons can stand and participate fully in the ritual of their faith and sign their names to a paper writ that says they are legitimate in the eyes of South Carolina. In a practical and spiritual sense, they have been “married” for years. But when the dark wall of exclusion that has separated people from their God-given and Constitutionally bound freedoms collapses, you can understand their break toward the light, and the crowd of witnesses who danced with them in celebration, a worship event where eating, drinking and being merry was as blessed and legal as the one in Cana two thousand years ago.

So, this is good news, and it begs me to hope for something else on the horizon. Maybe now that we don’t have to fight anymore about who can and cannot be married in our country, we can change the discussion to a more fruitful and constructive exchange, like, how can we do marriage better?

That would be good news too. Now, lets begin.

So, how's your marriage? I know two women who have a pretty good one...maybe we should ask them. I bet theyd say something about faith, love, committment, and hard work.

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