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Go to Bed. Really.

By the time they are pronounced wed, most couples standing at the altar don’t really feel the bliss they have come to expect from the crescendoed moment.

Mostly, they feel tired.

And their feet are screaming for a “time out” from the shoes that feel like they came over on the Mayflower.

Lets be honest, most weddings these days are heavily planned and managed occasions. This I like. The proliferation of wedding professionals entering the market place means the ceremony has more attention paid to it than less, often making for a more intentional liturgy, a better experience for everyone. Usually.

Given my bent toward the spiritual, one might consider me an advocate of small, simple ceremonies void of any planning at all. Not so. If a big wedding has been dreamed of and sought after, make it grand. Indeed, there are few greater things in life worth celebrating than this high, holy, human commitment.

And, whether planned by the best coordinator in the business, or joined in sacramental union by the Pope his self, there is not a dog gone thing either one can do to guarantee marital success once the wedding is over.

But, maybe planners and “popes” should include an additional item in their checklist for each couple, whether discussing the wedding or the marriage.

“Get some rest.” Check.

Your wedding and your marriage will thank you.

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