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This is Marriage

I work with outstanding professionals in the wedding industry.

And the couples whom I am priveleged to stand upon the altar with? Top drawer. And the myriad of wedding days? Always beautiful, especially when some of the best in the business wedding coordinators help our clients celebrate the ceremony of their dreams.

I tell all my clients I hope they have the wedding day they have always dreamed of. "Do it up as big as you want," I say. I celebrate the beauty and splendor of the event as much as anyone. To do so is historic and sacred.

But, in these recent years, now that I am firmly embedded in the industry, I want to make a different splash. I want to add a sincere Yin to the airbrushed industry Yang where everything associated with weddings, and even with marriage itself, tends to get the reality airbrushed off it. And while that makes for impressive print ready collateral, to speak in the vernacular of the south, it ain't real.

This year, every entry in this VOW blog will be titled "This is marriage." Perhaps these images and words will provide an answer.

So, in that spirit, I conclude this blog as a beginning. This is marriage...sitting at a table on a blustery January night a month after celebrating anniversary number twenty five paying bills while crafting a new budget that may or may not work as effectively as the last attempt.

This is Marriage.


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