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A New Office

VOW's new address is 3103 Devine Street, Columbia SC, 29205.

That fact alone may seem insignificant, but, to me, a minister turned business owner, its not.

For a few years, VOW held true to the mantra that most start-ups bite off more overhead than they can chew, so consequently, VOW officed out of a car, a living room at home converted into an office, and a church.

And at every turn, it was proven that we were growing beyond our capacity to service our couple/clients.

So, we needed office space, not merely to conduct business, but rather to offer a safe and comfortable space for Marriage Planning, our flagship program.

And now, we have that space, and Marriage Planning will benefit, which means, ultimately, Marriage will benefit.

And while that might be a bold statement to make, the institution of marriage benefitting from a sole practicioner signing a lease, think again. If one couple plants a stake into the fertile ground of marital effort, if one goal is set and one area of anxiety is uncovered and healing emerges, that marriage benefits, and therefore, marriage everywhere benefits.

Marriage is hard work. And anyone who is committed to working through the "merde" realizes that when one remains committed, all marriages enjoy the victory.

So, yeah, a comfortable and safe environment within which to talk about relationships within marriage, the ups and the downs of all of it? You bet.


South Carolina Wedding Officiant

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