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Can a middle age marriage make it to France?

The answer is "Yes."

And take noting for granted. We returned last month from this very spot. Our three children were

on the bridge too, and the grandparents were hanging back a bit. But it was a family affair. Everyone was there. But this is not the first pic we took. You have to scroll down to see the one taken two days earlier. The one just below this text was staged. In the first picture I was talking,

Tower Eiffel

probably saying something to one of the kids while Aly was trying to kiss me. I missed the moment, and was summarily derided by those who saw the picture. "Kiss her" they texted back. So I did a few days later as the picture to the left illustrates. As pictures go, its pretty special. But it may be a bit unrealistic. It looks staged, because it was. The original picture below was snapped at the end of a long days walk through a European city that had a new experience around each corner. We were heading home to the apartment, tired, feet hurting, seen everything there was to see, probably even lost our patience a time or two. And the clouds beg a question about a storm.

kiss me

Was it moving in or out? And there is your metaphor for marriage. Something is always afoot. The ever changing background notwithstanding, for a marriage to make it to the Golden Years, there has to be a core principal present. This is forever. We won't bail on each other. And while it must be stated that life happens too severly too often to too many couples, there does exist an ideal that in persevering, year after year after year, we will get to that point where we are comfortable being ourselves with the best person we could ever give ourselves to. And anyway, lets be honest, Paris would suck by yourself.

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